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Best eclipse for 12 years in North America!

It may not be the Rolls Royce of solar eclipses – a total eclipse of the Sun, with “ring of fire”, Baily’s Beads and all the trimmings. But today’s annual solar eclipse – the BMW SUV of astronomy events, let’s … Continue reading

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Web links for Sky News magazine column on Gordon’s Park

Nestled among 100 acres of cedar-bordered meadows on the world’s largest freshwater isle, Gordon’s Park on Ontario’s Manitoulin Island is possibly the darkest reasonably-accessible place in the province. Link to this post!

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All-hail the Saturday Supermoon!

It’s that time of year again, when news sites and TV stations act like Mars is going to crash into the Pacific with a flaming 2012 Apocalypse comet tail: The dramatic rise of the yearly “super-moon”. This phenomenon – while … Continue reading

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