Portable telescope demos on CBC Peterborough

June 14, I had the fun task of demonstrating some of the kids science experiments I’m offering for kids who sign up for one of my 2012 Summer Discovery day camps at the Peterborough Museum and Archives. (00:09 – 01:44)

At the same time, I also demoed some of the portable stargazing gear we’ll be using (02:12 – 10:14) which you can also use during a car, shoe, or canoe-based camping trip during the Awesome Astro Adventure camp.

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Transit of Venus from Canada’s bird-watching paradise

venus_gazing_point_pelee_lineup_west_beach_peter_mcmahonI was lucky enough to be invited to view the Transit of Venus (next one’s in 2117 in case you missed this one) at Point Pelee National Park – one of North America’s premiere birdwatching locales and a recently-minted dark sky preserve.

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The “nearly-foolproof” guide to viewing the Transit of Venus

venus_transit_2012_nasaJune 5 will be the last of two recent opportunities (the last was 2004) to see the disc of Venus pass across the face of the Sun as seen from Earth.

Before this month’s passage and the 2004 event, we last saw such a transit in 1884.

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