Full listing of 2014 star parties

Major Canadian star parties

Starfest (ON, Canada’s largest star party)

Manitoulin Star Party (ON)

Stargazing Manitoulin (ON)

Saskatchewan Summer Star Party (SK)

Jasper Dark Sky Festival (AB)

Mount Kobeau Star Party (BC) 


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4 Responses to Events

  1. stephanie constant says:

    Do you have summer camps for teenagers in the summer?


    • Hi Stephanie;

      I usually run a week of astronomy camp as one of the Peterborough Museum & Archives’ day camps in July or August, though this is for ages 7-12 (the Museum has a summer volunteer program for teens 14-18 for which 2-5 participants end up helping with my program[s].)

      If you have teenagers interested in astronomy and can’t make it to the area, I highly recommend getting involved with your local astronomy club or planetarium, as well as getting Star Walk (about $3) for the iPhone or iPad and the book Nightwatch by Canadian author Terence Dickinson. Though I’m biased in this as I write for it, I’d also recommend subscribing to Sky News: The Canadian Magazine of Astronomy & Stargazing.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Michael Foster says:

    Hi, I am an outdoor educator and have found sometimes star gazing can become boring when the students are already familiar with Greek/Roman mythology. I was wondering if you had any resources in regards to first nation star gazing stories, myths and legends. Thank you kindly!

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