Holiday stars over Canada’s best hot spring

radium_sky_hot_springs_2011If someone had asked me last week where you should go if you hate seeing things like stars, planets, nebulas and galaxies, I would have told them to head to BC’s Kootenay mountains.

But after years of trying to go stargazing from Canada’s largest, least crowded, least stinky hot spring, the clouds parted for more than a few hours and we FINALLY had success, as you can see from┬áthis view of the skies over said springs (above, with the springs themselves, inset.)

If you’re interested in stargazing from the hot springs, be advised that you get more steam than sky, through the experience of seeing ANYTHING from these luxuriously warm waters in the dead of winter is pretty cool.

For a more serious view of the stars over Kootenay National Park, there are lots of observing sites but for the best view from some place warm in the snowy season, book the Columbia Suite or Eagle’s Nest at Chalet Europe, perched atop one of the highest points in the town of Radium, the place has the best views of the Columbia Valley below and skies above, clear of what light pollution there is from the town and the otherwise-awesome hot springs.

Happy New Year!

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