SkyNews web extras: More photos from Lake Superior Provincial Park, ON


In the May/June issue of SkyNews Magazine, I wrote an open letter to Ontario Parks, petitioning them to get in the dark sky preserve game.

Photos Shawn Malone / Lake Superior Photo

The park I suggested would be strongest to pursue their innaugural dark sky preserve designation with through the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC) is Lake Superior Provincial Park.

In addition to writing about the park after myself and colleague Rick Stankiewicz traveled there over several summers, I also came to realize that the area was a Mecca for astrophotography.

lake_superior_paula_trus_mcmahon_wild_astro_skynews_auroraAnd while there’s only so much room in the magazine, we’ve got lots more room here to show-off some of the best photos from the area, chronicling what a gorgeous wilderness stargazing locale this is.

From Sault Ste. Marie, ON artist Paula Trus and the images she’s made of people who’ve taken the drive up the highway an hour or so to enjoy the park, lake_superior_paula_trus_mcmahon_wild_astro_skynewsto Northern-Michigan-based Shawn Malone, who chronicles the skies of Lake Superior from the shore opposite the park, this is truly a dark-sky-wonderland.

Want more? Click on the photos and videos on this page for a closer look.

Want to reserve a campsite at the park? Click here for summer reservations

All photos and videos are by Paula Trus, unless otherwise noted

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