SkyNews Wood Buffalo column – web extras

This issue (Sept/Oct 2014) of SkyNews Magazine, I did an extended (4 pages, instead of the normal 1-2) on Wood Buffalo National Park, in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories/Alberta border (world’s largest dark sky preserve, larger than Switzerland or the moon Mimas – with aurora-viewing is superior to that near cities such as Yellowknife.)

Here below are the links to further info that the magazine piece mentioned you could find here:

  • 4th Annual Thebacha & Wood Buffalo Dark Sky Festival will be hosted on August 21 to 23, 2015 (further info on this will be online in 2015)
  • wilderness_astronomy_wood_buffalo_aurora_salt_plains_horizontalAccommodations
  • Food

Pelican Rapids Inn/Pelican Boardroom

Anna’s Home Cooking

Berro’s Pizzeria


ALSO, as-promised here is a little more info on the Northern Lighthouse project:

Also, here’s some more info on the new find about Northern Lights activity being constant year-over-year:

And finally, here’s a gallery of aurora photographer Yuichi Takasaka’s images of the Northern Lights over an entire 11-year solar cycle (note how they remain constant over that cycle):

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