SkyNews Wood Buffalo column – web extras

This issue (Sept/Oct 2014) of SkyNews Magazine, I did an extended (4 pages, instead of the normal 1-2) on Wood Buffalo National Park, in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories/Alberta border (world’s largest dark sky preserve, larger than Switzerland or the moon Mimas – with aurora-viewing is superior to that near cities such as Yellowknife.)

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Staff training at Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge


Thanks to Stefanie Hamilton and the rest of the Jasper Park Lodge staff for putting me up for two weeks during year two of Dark Skies month here.

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Stargazing at Old Fort Point

jasper_old_fort_point_sundog_tours_oct_6For those who were on my dark sky tour last night in the Canadian Rockies (and those who are wondering where this is) a stellar time seemed to be had by all on a very crisp and clear October 6.

Thanks to Michael and Paul from Sundog Tours in Jasper for bringing me in, Kevin, who shepherded me through my first bus tour, the Sundog tour staff, and everyone who came out to take a look through the scopes.
Cleak skies, guys!


Web links for Sky News magazine column on Point Pelee

point-pelee-bird_sun_venus_transit_sunset_lake_erie_reflectionOn-assignment for Sky News magazine, I was lucky enough to be invited to view the Transit of Venus (next one’s in 2117 in case you missed this one) at Point Pelee National Park – one of North America’s premiere birdwatching locales and – as of 2006 – an RASC-designated dark sky preserve.


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First Nations stars on the prairies

On the way back from the Canadian Science Writers’ Association conference just over a month ago, we stopped by the town of Val Marie, SK (pop. 136) on the edge of Grasslands National Park.

The lone (and lone) prairie habitat in the Parks Canada system recently doubled its yearly visitors from 5,000 to almost 10,000.

In comparison, 11 km long Point Pelee in Ontario gets 250,000…Banff gets more than 3 million.

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