Portable telescope demos on CBC Peterborough

June 14, I had the fun task of demonstrating some of the kids science experiments I’m offering for kids who sign up for one of my 2012 Summer Discovery day camps at the Peterborough Museum and Archives. (00:09 – 01:44)

At the same time, I also demoed some of the portable stargazing gear we’ll be using (02:12 – 10:14) which you can also use during a car, shoe, or canoe-based camping trip during the Awesome Astro Adventure camp.

Click to check out all the goodies, as we used them for views of the Moon and (filtered) views of the Sun.

Also, here’s some footage (04:06 – 06:24) of a rocket-copter I’m modifying from an existing design for one of the same summer science camps.

Eventually, the fins will unfold and become helicopter blades that will guide it back down to Earth after launch (that should start to happen about 100 feet in the air – in this video, it happens about 2 feet in the air, just before “touch-down”.)

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