Wild astro gear column in SkyNews magazine: web extras

In the July/August 2013 issue of SkyNews magazine, I took a break from specific stargazing locales in my Wilderness Astronomer column to recommend the top 5 “killer apps” – figuratively and literally – for stargazing in the great outdoors.

As promised, here below – some additional information on how to find and use these game-changing pieces of Continue reading “Wild astro gear column in SkyNews magazine: web extras” »

Portable telescope demos on CBC Peterborough

June 14, I had the fun task of demonstrating some of the kids science experiments I’m offering for kids who sign up for one of my 2012 Summer Discovery day camps at the Peterborough Museum and Archives. (00:09 – 01:44)

At the same time, I also demoed some of the portable stargazing gear we’ll be using (02:12 – 10:14) which you can also use during a car, shoe, or canoe-based camping trip during the Awesome Astro Adventure camp.

Click to check out all the Continue reading “Portable telescope demos on CBC Peterborough” »

Family Telescope Test-Drive: Solar System edition

telescope_family_test_driveFor Part 3 of our family astronomy gear test drive, we sent one suburban Ontario family home with a SkyWatcher P130 refracting (mirror-based) telescope.

Over several clear moonlit nights this winter, Ron, Serena, Angela (age 10 ), and Emma (age 8 ) used this portable 5″ diameter scope (pictured) to check-out details on our Moon, cloud layers and moons of Jupiter, phases of Venus, and ice caps on Mars this past weekend, during its Continue reading “Family Telescope Test-Drive: Solar System edition” »

Telescope test-drive Part 2: The Great Family Astronomy Tailgate Party

family_astronomy_event_efstonscienceA few months ago, I set out into the Canadian wilderness with a selection of Sky Watchertelescopes, and a pair of Canon image-stabilized binoculars furnished by my gear sponsor EfstonScience of Toronto (more on that here.)

With this gear, I recently took several families out to some Eastern Ontario conservation areas to have them put this gear – and the Continue reading “Telescope test-drive Part 2: The Great Family Astronomy Tailgate Party” »