Kawartha Highlands column in Sky News magazine: web extras


In the May/June 2013 issue of Sky News magazine, I write in my Wilderness Astronomer column about a dark sky preserve that never-was.

At times, Ontario Parks calls it a “Provincial Park“…at other times, it’s a “Signature Site“.  Continue reading “Kawartha Highlands column in Sky News magazine: web extras” »

First Nations stars on the prairies

On the way back from the Canadian Science Writers’ Association conference just over a month ago, we stopped by the town of Val Marie, SK (pop. 136) on the edge of Grasslands National Park.

The lone (and lone) prairie habitat in the Parks Canada system recently doubled its yearly visitors from 5,000 to almost 10,000.

In comparison, 11 km long Point Pelee in Ontario gets 250,000…Banff gets more than 3 million.

How did Grasslands do it? The chief new attractions have been the rare, re-introduced Black-footed Continue reading “First Nations stars on the prairies” »